Plant Design, Process Equipment, Piping & Utilities Planning Software

CADISON 3D-Designer: the module for 3D layout- and piping-planning CADISON 3D-Designer

3D Layout Planning
How would you like to start layout planning in CADISON®? With an empty sheet of paper, through access to existing 3D models – even AutoCAD models - or through access to data from Basic Engineering or P&ID? You can simply take your data – either graphic data or data from plant structure – through Drag & Drop and insert them in your 3D model for further processing as required.

3D Equipment and Pipeline Planning Software

CADISON® Autorouter
The CADISON® Autorouter decisively facilitates the graphic presentation of pipelines. For instance: CADISON® automatically adds the correct flanges, seals and bolts when taking a valve from the schematic.Moreover, the required reducers are set automatically. Thus the work step from Basic Engineering to Detail Engineering is made much more efficient through CADISON® The object-oriented approach ensures that nothing will be forgotten during design phase. All modifications are automatically adopted in the 3D layout planning so that they are immediately available on all other workplaces.

Fully Automatic Fabrication Isometrics – ISOGEN
If requested by customer, CADISON® may generate fully automatic fabrication isometric from the 3D model. Thus it is possible to transform all pipelines designed by CADISON® 3D-Designer into fabrication isometric in one operation. CADISON® supports the recognized industrial standard ISOGEN and provides isometrics in this format. Simultaneous preparation of pipeline diagrams and isometrics results in substantial time saving and cost reduction.

Collision Tests
CADISON® supports the visualization tool Navisworks that is recognized in plant engineering. This tool makes it easy to detect possible planning errors at any time and at an early stage so that project implementation is not jeopardized.

Installation and Pipeline Planning in 3D Model

Tank Assistant
A tank module easy to handle is available for rapid and easy 3D planning of tanks, pipe sections and pipe nozzles. Further requirements like sectional views, elevations and perspective drawings are generated automatically and offer the user a high standard of support for its work.

Intelligent Pipe Nozzles
Once the tanks or pipe nozzles are positioned in the 3D design, the pipeline planning can be easily continued with the intelligent pipe nozzles.


Key Features Key Benefits
  • Simple and rapid installation and pipeline planning
  • Adjustment of drawings with CADISON® P&ID-Designer or CADISON® Project-Engineer
  • Efficient Make2D functionality for drawing derivation and simple preparation of sectional views
  • Fully integrated work with civil engineering and steel construction
  • Easy preparation of pipelines to be laid with gradient
  • Parametric pipeline supports
  • Use of parameterized components (MATPIPE, Inventor etc.)
  • Use of design assistants for easy modelling (tank, pipe nozzle and staircase assistant etc.)
  • Automatic preparation of isometrics (fabrication, assembly and documentation isometrics etc.)
  • Comprehensive and complete data transmission for pipe stress calculation (ROHR2 etc.)Freely configurable data transfer to visualization solutions
  • Significant reduction of planning, calculation and assembly errors through 3D planning
  • High level of planning reliability through rule-based work
  • Integrated and configurable Management of Change
  • Early data transfer to pipeline manufacturer
  • State of the art isometric derivation (ISOGEN integrated)
  • Multi-Site work of split project groups (all modules)
  • Full multi-language capacity through Unicode
  • Implementation of projects of any size through simple and comprehensible structuring mechanisms