Plant Engineering Software- 3D Inventor Interface CADISON Inventor Interface

The CADISON® Inventor interface enables users to import an Autodesk Inventor part or assembly into CADISON® environment as a CADISON® object. Add-on menu in Inventor will assist users in exporting Inventor part or assembly file into SAT and XML format. The interfaces has a provision to define connection points on planar face of any shape in Inventor as well as in CADISON® import wizard enabling users to import objects with or without connection points.

CADISON® intelligently creates additional objects such as nozzle and flange to use as connection points to continue pipe routing. Users can map importing components to CADISON® Object Class. Provision to control the list of classes to be displayed in wizard by using Object Filter.

Update feature enables the user to revise the exported component as per revised Inventor part / assembly. In-built intelligence to verify association between object, XML file and SAT file exported from Inventor enables quick search and displays the list of existing inventor imported objects in current drawing for easy selection to update with revised Inventor model. Users can add or delete connection points, update connection details etc.

Plant Engineering Software- 3D CAD Interface