Project Management, Cost Estimation & Engineering Information Management throughout the Plant Design Life Cycle

CADISON Project-Engineer: The module for project- and plant-engineers CADISON Project-Engineer

CADISON® Project-Engineer is your tool for design, calculation and detailing of your plant by adding all required components (objects) to the project while taking them from the catalogue. Simple Drag & Drop operations are sufficient with completely text based operations without the obligation to have a graphical environment.This approach is called “Conceptual Engineering”.

The target of CADISON® Project-Engineer is to provide the user with data for calculation without large efforts and already at a very early time.

Project Management, Cost Estimation & Engineering Information Management

Dynamic Cooperation with different Disciplines
CADISON® offers different disciplines to the users, such as process engineering, project management, planning, design, electrical engineering and calculation, so that a common data pool is already available for work on the same project in a very early project phase.

No Redundancy
All information – independent of the workplace where they are generated or modified – is directly deposited in the project. Consequently, it is sufficient to depict the object information (e.g. the nominal delivery rate of a pump) only once, and subsequently it is immediately available to all users.

Project Calculation and Tendering
Complete project calculation up to final tender preparation is directly possible from CADISON® Project-Engineer. Even calculated values may be added to the actual technical data and information. Said calculation data can be called up either as fixed cost items or calculated through time objects. The deposited data can be summarized as single, group or project items. Capital structures can be developed and used for direct support in the tender planning stage through use of self-defined text modules.

Independent Report Generator
All data prepared with CADISON® Project-Engineer may be put out through the integral report generator in most different forms and formats. All reports can be revised and have release mechanisms. Reports are directly stored within the CADISON® Project.


Key Features Key Benefits
  • Central graphics-independent project platform – Key turning point of the project
  • Plausibility check (logic examination of objects and their content)
  • Easy definition of reports and lists (Word, Excel, Access etc.)
  • Structured user and project management 
  • Revision of objects and documents
  • Identification structure that can be freely defined (DIN, KKS and optional company standards)
  • Integrated viewer for viewing of plans and documents
  • Cost calculation in the project for all phases and resources (staff, material etc.)
  • One click – All Information
  • More projects with less resources within shortest time
  • Transparency in all engineering projects
  • Selective and controlled implementation of company standards
  • Early provision of continuously updated information
  • Complete project survey for the product manager
  • Multi-Site work of split project groups (all modules)
  • Full multi-language capacity through Unicode
  • Central and redundancy-free data management of all project elements