Electrical engineering, design, documentation, reports and management for the entire project lifecycle

CADISON® Electric-Designer

CADISON® Electrical Designer is a comprehensive solution for schematic & controls design, sizing calculations, 3D cable tray & panel layouts, automatic report generation, bill of materials (BOM), material take-offs & lists. This solution also provides revision control & change management capability and comes with a centralized object-oriented database that makes the design change(s) process quick, efficient and error-free. The tool’s customizable logic analyzer feature allows designers to do quality checks during the design process at the object, drawing and project level.

Key Features :

Single Line Diagram (SLD)
Develop schematics (single line diagrams, circuit diagrams, panel layouts, terminal diagrams, etc.) based on key one-line diagram, load list, I/O list, etc.

Automatic Device Tagging & Wire Numbering

  • Multiple possibilities for project specific wiring style in order to automate tagging system in drawing as well as in reports such as bill of materials (BOM)
  • Numbering and identification system in accordance with DIN and KKS standard
  • Dynamic number assignment at the time of drawing creation
  • Provision for renumbering at the drawing, logical plant, location and project level

Single Line Diagram

Single Line Diagram
key one line diagram

Key One Line Diagram

Quick Coil Feature

  • Runtime calculation of free and used contacts
  • Easy selection functionality for inserting contacts in drawing
  • Auxiliary contact blocks for augmenting capacity of relay and contactor

Automatic Legend Creation

  • Automatic generation of legend table with list of symbols representing the used objects in the drawing
  • Provision to specify the location of legend at run time to utilize available free space in the drawing
  • Facility to filter or limit the type of objects & properties to be displayed as per project requirements
  • User can insert drawing specific legends with just a few mouse clicks

Automatic Terminal Drawing

  • Drag and drop feature to create multiple terminal diagrams in a single sheet
  • Terminal strip editor for rearranging & renumbering of terminals in graphical user interface (GUI)

3D Cable Tray, Bus Duct Routing & 3D Panel Layout
  • Availability of 3D electrical equipment such as meters, panels, ducts, etc. enable the creation of layouts linked with 3D models for clash detection
  • Cable routing and extendable cable tray library to handle complex routing
  • Automatic bill of materials (BOM) for cable tray and accessories
  • Space planning of components for panel layout design (3D) with easy drag and drop functionality

Engineering Calculations
Some built-in engineering calculations helps electrical designers and engineers perform quick calculations while working on drawings.

  • Cable sizing calculation
  • Transformer sizing calculation
  • Battery sizing calculation
  • Earthing (grounding) calculation

  • - Cable sizing calculations can be done based on users inputs such as rated power, rated voltage, load current, actual   current and number of runs required
  • - It eliminates manual entries by generating accurate & automatic inter-panel and equipment layout for cable
  • - Allows creation of calculation sheet for cable sizing activity at the calculation stage
  • - Calculated Results are Verified with Standards

Engineering Calculations

Calculated Results are Verified with Standards
Customizable Symbols Catalogs

Customizable Symbols Catalogs

Customized Symbols and Catalogs

  • Comprehensive symbols, catalogs, templates (reports/drawing & project structure) are available
  • Symbol library supporting IEC, ANSI, DIN, ONORM, IEEE/NFPA standards
  • Users can easily adapt to their company, industry and geography specific standards and workflows

Automatic Reports
CADISON® Electrical Designer drastically reduces the time required to generate accurate reports.

  • Ability to generate reports at plant, machine, projects, drawing and object level
  • Configurable reports for the list of electrical input/output and automation components
  • Considerable number of predefined report formats such as bill of materials (BOM), cable lists, cable tray lists, etc.
  • Support to Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF is available with the standard installer