Direct Web Access to CADISON Object Data

CADISON Engineer2Web: access your CADISON data through Internet CADISON Engineer to Web

This new basic technology enables you to gain direct web access to CADISON® object data. The data and structures generated by using CADISON® Project-Engineer, P&ID-Designer, 3D-Designer and other modules can be viewed, edited or re-integrated over a standard web browser. The main advantage of Engineer2Web is that your CADISON® server is no longer tied to a specific location, which means that your purchasing, controlling, maintenance and/or other departments can readily access these project data via a web browser.

Project Online Information

When you sign up for the Engineer2Web service, the tool is installed as an application on one of your servers (either a new or existing one). The program itself can be configured for access via your local network or the Internet, depending on the constellation involved. Users then access there CADISON® databases via their own servers, in a manner that takes account of all current CADISON® permissions. Further user permissions that are associated with the relevant functional domains can also be used in an easy way. Inside CADISON® Engineer2Web two function levels are available : "administration" and "end user access."

The modern development architecture of CADISON® Engineer2Web enables your project team to use the application in the manner that best suits their needs, thus expediting the fulfillment of customer requirements. Optimally integrated into your enterprise workflow, CADISON® Engineer2Web improves your competitive edge.

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