Digital Process Chain to the ERP World

ERP Interface

The bidirectional CADISON® ERP-Interface allows you to consistently continue the digital engineering process chain into the commercial process chain so that your company-specific standards can be displayed individually.

Plant Engineering Software - ERP Interface

CADISON® provides you with access to the known ERP systems (Enterprise-Resource-Planning) for dynamic data exchange via an open ERPInterface. Implementation of ERP connection is in each case customer-specific. CADISON® is considered here as engineering and product data management desktop. The ERP-Interface establishes the relation to the ERP domains of procurement and maintenance and to the master data.

All activities that are today in the project engineer’s competence and in the lifecycle of a plant will be supported by CADISON®. Integration with ERP system ensures 100 % data consistency so that double input and later care of identical information are avoided. Thus the ERP-Workflow and the CADISON® Engineering-Workflow are amalgamating to one common workflow in one integrated system.

Engineering and Product Data Management Desktop


Key Features Key Benefits
  • Clear assignment of orders: Normal and third-party orders, inventory
  • Processing of materials with and without material number
  • Automatic generation of order texts (long text) and short material texts
  • Setting of erasure markers in the material master file for materials no longer needed
  • Data adjustment between the master data administration of ERP system and CADISON® system
  • Output as single or collective item
  • Continuous process chain CAE <-> ERP and consequently no media break
  • Presentation of processes and standards in the workflow with free definition of the “leading system”
  • Digital and automated data exchange – Error avoidance and cost reduction
  • Optimized data flow in case of plant maintenance
  • Acceleration and automation of procurement process