Plant Standard Parts Library & Catalogue Management

CADISON MATPIPE: the module for pipe class and catalogue management CADISON MATPIPE

Independent module for development and management of pipe classes, creation of parameterized 3D components, preparation and integration of manufacturer catalogues, import and export of data plus examination of existing catalogue data to ensure up-to-dateness.

CADISON® MATPIPE is the central pipe class and catalogue management system for use of the integral plant planning operation. Among others, the system ensures that your marking system introduced once before will be maintained in all planning documents.

MATPIPE with its pipe classes may cover all phases of a project. Not only the basic but also the standard and project pipe classes are managed – all three classes are managed side by side.

CADISON® MATPIPE supplies a number of pipe classes and manufacturer catalogues; others may be imported fully or partially via an easy to operate interface.

Plant Standard Parts Library & Catalogue Management


Specification without fully CAD Application
This module can be used as stand-alone and also concurrently. CAD Know-how is not required for component specification since MATPIPE provides its own design tool for specification and parameterization of objects.

Advantages of Catalogue Data
All parties involved in the project may immediately use and implement the pipe classes, catalogue data etc. in their respective project.

Tracing of Modifications
While projects are under work, objects from catalogues are incorporated into the respective planning. A sophisticated role-based right system controls who is allowed to process and introduce the respective objects.

Independent Report Generator
All pipe classes and catalogue descriptions prepared by means of CADISON® MATPIPE can be issued by the integrated report generator in most different forms and formats. All reports can be revised and have release mechanisms. They are stored directly within the CADISON® project. All documents can be presented even automatically as PDF.


Key Features Key Benefits
  • Knowledge-based modular creation of components
  • Preparation of basic, standard and project pipe classes, e.g. to PAS 1057-1
  • Simple import of manufacturer catalogue data
  • Automated creation of components through neutral import
  • Efficient search function
  • Integration of manufacturer documents (certificates, test reports, ATEX certificates etc.)
  • Rule-based component configuration (e.g. basic valve body with different actuators)
  • Work with replicas in linked pipe classes
  • Rapid check of drawings for topical catalogue entries
  • Structured catalogue composition through creation of chapters
  • Simple and comfortable extension of catalogues and data structures
  • Graphics-independent component definition and parameterization
  • Significantly lower number of erroneous data inputs through rule-based component configuration
  • Multi-Site work of split project groups (all modules)
  • Integration in the ERP workflow – Reliability through prime data verification
  • Standardization is possible through direct access to specification data
  • Adoption of existing manufacturer catalogues
  • Collision spaces for installation and maintenance purposes ensure accomplishment of installation and maintenance work