Module for Pipe Class and Catalogue Management

CADISON® MATPIPE is an independent module for development and management of pipe classes, creation of parameterized 3D components, preparation and integration of manufacturer’s catalogues and maintenance of up-to-date catalogue data in the system with import & export functionality of MATPIPE.

Creating New Catalog Pipe Specs

MATPIPE for Central Pipe Class and Catalogue Management System

  • A standalone module for catalog management of standard components creation, pipe classes, pipe supports, ducting components and vendor catalogs, etc.
  • CADISON® MATPIPE supplies pipe classes and manufacturer catalogues with default installer. User can add catalogs as per organization requirement and import external objects information
  • CADISON® MATPIPE has provision to create Master and Working catalogs
  • In addition to Master and Working catalog, MATPIPE do have Reference catalog type. New objects with different connection types can be created quickly with help of wizard from reference catalog
  • CADISON® MATPIPE enable user to create & maintain multiple versions of a catalog with built-in revision management.

Parameterize Component in MATPIPE.

Built-in Parametric Modeler for Quick Catalog’s Creation

  • MATPIPE provides its own rule-based component configuration & design tool for parameterization of objects. You can create simple 3D elements (e.g. a simple valve) or even complex structures (e.g. complete separators) as parametric objects
  • Apart from the 3D elements, even 2D symbols can be created for P&ID, schematic diagrams or electrical equipment
  • Simple intuitive interface for object creation with 3D graphic variant modeler (All properties or dependencies can be optionally modified in the catalogue)
  • Users can also use ‘Copy Parametric objects’ feature within MATPIPE, to easily copy and reuse complete or some parts of parametric definitions across the catalogs
  • Integration of manufacturer documents (certificates, test reports, ATEX certificates, etc.)
  • Effective interfacing with all discipline module, ensures that engineering, materials management/ procurement and fabricator have the same information from the catalogs.

Catalog Control

CADISON® Catalog Control for Effective Change Management

  • Manual updating of already placed objects with revised objects is tedious and error-prone task and managing multiple versions of the same object in project is difficult. CADISON® Catalog Control (CCC) features enables the user to change/update and manage catalog objects already used in a project with latest information
  • This CCC feature enable bulk update the consumed objects of projects with latest version quickly and accurately
  • This automated feature ensure proper control of the entire process and also eliminate manual inspection and quality

Report generation

Report generation

  • All pipe classes and catalogue descriptions prepared by means of CADISON® MATPIPE can be issued by the integrated report generator in most different forms and formats
  • All reports can be revised and have release mechanisms. They are stored directly within the CADISON® project
  • All documents can be presented even automatically as PDF

ERP Interface

ERP Integration

  • The challenge for purchase department and engineering team is to maintain, (various data formats) synchronize and communicate it effectively. Manual communication is a tedious and time consuming activity, as it needs proper quality checks for ensuring accuracy of info.
  • Another challenge is to maintain a centralized material record (Master material record).
    Typically there are 2 types of material records:
    • MATPIPE – consists of all technical specification sheets with graphic parameters
    • ERP System – consist of all commercial information including ERP code/number for all the items
  • Bringing both these systems together and synchronizing the data is possible with CADISON® - ERP bidirectional interface enables synchronization between CADISON® data and ERP system


Faster Creation of New Objects in MATPIPE

Faster Creation of New Objects in MATPIPE

Revision Management of MATPIPE Catalogs

Revision Management of MATPIPE Catalogs

Copy Parametric Models across Catalogs

Copy Parametric Models across Catalogs

  • Reference Catalogs Creation in MATPIPE

    MATPIPE provides an additional Catalog type called “Reference catalogs” to be used as a reference at the time of creating new objects. With this new wizard, a user can quickly create new objects with all necessary data (graphics, data sheets, etc.) by referring to the existing objects in Matpipe. The user will be guided though wizard to select the reference object, key properties such as nominal sizes, connection points, etc.

  • Revision Management of MATPIPE Catalogs

    It enables users to create & maintain multiple versions of the same catalog with built-in revision control. Allows organization (users) to create and maintain revisions and publish different versions of the master catalog resulting in improved revision control

  • Parametric Models:

    Users can easily copy and reuse complete or some parts of parametric definitions across the catalogs using ‘Copy Parametric Model’ feature. This eliminates the need to recreate graphical primitives for new catalogs. It also helps in creating catalogs by copying parametric primitives/sub-assemblies from multiple catalogs.


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