Standard Pipe Support Library

CADISON Pipe Support Modeler

Pipe Support Modeler assists a user to create and edit the secondary supports in an easy and intelligent manner. The wizard for pipe support allows a user to create different types of predefined supports. A user-friendly interface provides flexibility, by allowing a user to create variations in predefined type of supports during the data entry stage (for e.g. offset, orientation and industry validations). Supports created using ‘Create Support’ wizard are both constructible and erectable.

  • It has seamless integration into the CADISON® 3D Designer workflow. The secondary support can also be used for cable trays and ventilation ducts
  • The use of CADISON® MATPIPE catalogs for steel components leads to the standardization of support systems
  • Customized reporting and labeling function
  • Auto-linking to standard support helps easy identification of associated secondary support in the isometric drawing
  • Predefined mounts can be saved as an assembly, which can be imported back. Subsequent changes to the geometry is easy to accomplish
  • Various options to select different profiles for horizontal and vertical elements. The mounting position can be selected as per the requirement
  • Possibility to create the supports with or without the base plates. A user can select the base plates from existing CADISON® MATPIPE catalogs
  • Through a design verification, invalid entries are avoided
Standard Pipe Support Library

Standard Pipe Support Library

Advantages of CADISON® Pipe Support Modeler

  • Faster creation of pipe supports
  • Collision checks and bill of materials (BOM)
  • Rendering and interfering edge detection
  • Real-time visualization contributes to the efficient modeling of secondary support. This avoids potential collisions with other system objects through visual representation
  • BOM specific to plant area
  • BOM based on type of supports
  • BOM based on profile types
Standard Pipe Support Library Standard Pipe Support Library