High Level Process Design Engineering with Intelligent P&ID Design Software

CADISON P&ID-Designer: the module for P&ID project environment CADISON P&ID Designer

CADISON® P&ID-Designer is a rule based engineering solution that effectively supports the engineer in the plant design phase. Industrial and own standards make it possible to accurately design a plant with taking the correct planning decisions.

The CADISON® P&ID-Designer plays a decisive role in design, construction, commissioning and maintenance so that it has an important influence on the complete lifecycle of a plant. Apart from the P&I diagrams the P&ID-Designer even creates block flow charts and process flow diagrams (PFD). The CADISON® P&ID-Designer is a graphic-based workplace.

Beginning with a blank drawing, all main components known already may be positioned in the drawing by use of comprehensive catalogues (as per EN ISO 10628, ANSI etc.). Of course, access to projects prepared by use of other modules is possible as well, such as Project Engineer, and the objects may be easily inserted in the flow chart by means of Drag & Drop.

Process & Instrumentation Diagram - P&ID Designer

Automatic Structuring
During positioning of main objects, drives are graphically positioned as own objects and automatically linked with the associated main object.

Dynamic Adaptation of Flow Direction
Pipelines and accessories (valves and fittings, tees etc.) have their definite flow direction. Butterfly valves, pumps etc. will automatically respond. Flow directions may be changed even in subsequent planning stages, and parts bound to a specific flow direction will be reversed automatically.

Automatic Path Finding
Being an integral module, CADISON® P&ID-Designer offers the automatic path finding system. Thus more rapid navigation is possible so that simulations and process optimization can be accomplished. The controlled presentation of lines with colours and line types takes place in a parameterized mode via the stored configurations (company standards).

Independent Report Generator
All data created by means of CADISON® P&ID-Designer can be issued by the integrated report generator in most different forms and formats. This could for instance be a list of valves and fittings or a preliminary computation for calculation of the required quantity structure. All reports can be revised and have release mechanisms. They are stored directly within the CADISON® project. All documents can be presented even automatically as PDF.


Key Features Key Benefits
  • Rapid and intuitive preparation of basic, process and P&I flow charts
  • Comprehensive symbol catalogues (DIN EN ISO 10628, ASME etc.) that can be easily prepared
  • Rapid and easy change between different standards and freely definable identification systems (DIN, KKS etc.)
  • Acceptance of existing objects per Drag & Drop (e.g. Project-Engineer and 3D-Designer)
  • Easy preparation and management of symbols and sub-assemblies
  • Flow direction control and consistency check across several drawings
  • Automatic adjustment of project information and title block of drawing
  • Quick productivity through ease of learning
  • High level of planning reliability through rule-based work
  • Rapid changeover of views of plant, location and calculation world
  • Automatic structure and hierarchy formation in conformity with the standard
  • Multi-Site work of split project groups
  • Full multi-language capacity through Unicode
  • Simple and rapid information reduction for approval planning
  • Simultaneous across-trade work between process engineering and instrumentation