Project Management Tool for Easy Access to Engineering Data

CADISON Project-Navigator: the module for project manager and maintenance staff CADISON Project-Navigator

Throughout the plant design process an enormous number of data and information will be created. These data are not only relevant to the most different users in the planning and manufacturing process but also at a later date, i.e. after completion of the plant. Such data may be of interest to many other persons like the repair and maintenance staff. Normally, today it is still necessary for information procurement to evaluate heaps of folders or even digital documents, but not with Project-Navigator.

Viewing of Project Data
CADISON® Project-Navigator is the module for viewing of project data within the corporate network. The navigator has been designed for staff members normally not involved in the active planning of a plant but afterwards responsible for operation and maintenance of the plant (i.e. mere data consumers).

Project Management Tool for Easy Access to Engineering Data

From Quotation to Maintenance
The CADISON® Project-Navigator is an important asset for your plant planning and construction efforts even in relation to the future plant operator. You should present the complete project digitally as CADISON® project to the plant operator. The latter can use the CADISON® Project-Navigator for very easy electronic access to all planning data. Thus the loop of Integrated Digital Plant Model will be closed.


Key Features Key Benefits
  • Central graphics-independent project platform – Key turning point of the project
  • Navigation and viewer tool for view of the CADISON project data
  • For project control and subsequent further processing of project data during plant operation as paperless documentation
  • Search, selection, list and report functions
  • Across-trade object navigation with visual highlight function
  • Call-up and issue of documents and drawings (plotting) without CAD
  • Information for repair & maintenance of the plant
  • Ease of utilization even for the plant operator
  • Automatic preparation of the complete project structure as PDF
  • One click – All information
  • Transparency in all engineering projects
  • Complete project survey for the project manager
  • Quick finding through selective search for project information
  • Evaluation of all relevant project data and drawings through various viewers
  • Early provision of continuously updated information
  • Generation of reports for operation and maintenance of a plant
  • Multi-Site work of split project groups (all modules)
  • Full multi-language capacity through Unicode