Industrial Plant Steel Structure Layout Software

CADISON STEEL Layout is a comprehensive tool for planning and creating 3D steel structures efficiently in plant design CADISON Steel Layout Module

CADISON STEEL Layout is a comprehensive tool for planning and creating 3D steel structures efficiently in plant design. Steel Layout has wizards for creation of Ladders, Staircases, Platform, Rails and Water tanks efficiently and error free.It allows users to quickly create, edit, and detail custom assemblies like caged ladders , towers, pipe supports, frames, gratings, roofs etc. The module also provides users the ability to extract GA drawings of the structures created and generate reports for Bill of Material (BOM) and quantities (BOQ) required. CADISON Steel Layout module supports in creation of other structures such as rectangular water tanks using steel plates, steel sections and foundation frames.

Custom Assembly of Steel Objects
CADISON Steel Layout module introduces a new object called "Steel Structure". This object helps users to build custom assembly of steel objects to form a group. It helps in quickly identifying and categorizing the steel elements at plant level such as platforms, gratings, frames, roofs, towers etc. These objects help in preparing specific BOMs and cost calculations.

CADISON Steel Layout module allows users to quickly create rectangular, polygonal (Circular) and freeform platforms using user defined steel sections for columns, primary & secondary beams, braces and types for base plate and flooring thus enabling efficient visualization of the structures and delivering initial BOM for proposal preparations and cost calculations.
CADISON Steel Layout – Platforms

Users can quickly create and place continuous or split handrails along the selected path using user –defined steel sections

Staircases & Ladders
CADISON steel Layout module help to quickly generate Staircases & Ladders using user defined profiles. Wizards will ensure the selection of required profiles and entering valid inputs. It assists users in selecting & entering required details These structures are created as Steel Structure assemblies enabling copying of these to different locations

Steel Structure Layout – Staircases & Ladders Steel Structure Layout – Staircases & Ladders

Wizards for Caged Ladder and Trusses :
Users will be able to easily create and place caged ladder and trusses in the steel structures.

7 types of Trusses are supported :
King truss, Queen truss, Warren truss, Pratt truss, Lattice truss, North Flight truss, Hove roof overhanging truss.

3 types of Caged Ladder are supported :
Caged ladder with front exit, Caged ladder with left exit, Caged ladder with right exit.

Ladder Trusses

CADISON® Steel Layout comes with two report templates to provide BOM immediately upon installation. These reports give piecewise information of its type, size and weight or provide categorized report of the steel sections for the type, length, weight and quantity. User can create new templates using CADISON report template creation guidelines/procedure

Business Benefits

  • Improved productivity in creation of standard structures with the help of wizards
  • Continuity in the 3D model for plant planning engineers
  • Custom assemblies & structure creation
  • Quick weight & cost calculations
  • Report generation