Piping Stress Analysis Software - ROHR2, CAESAR II: CADISON Interfaces

Stress Calculations in Pipelines
Stringent regulatory requirements in plant engineering require more and more documentation efforts. Documentation of so-called stress calculations plays a very dominant role in this case. Since the project running times are getting shorter while competition is getting harder, the companies are forced more than before to continuously optimize and reduce the planning periods. The plant planning staff has an enormous advantage in competition if it is able to perform the “stress calculations” in its system itself or to perform at least the complete efficient data transmission.

CADISON ROHR2-Interface: stress calculations in pipelines CADISON® ROHR2-Interface
CADISON® ROHR2-Interface transmits all pipelines designed with CADISON® 3D-Designer to ROHR2. The NTR file (neutral interface file) is automatically generated and contains all necessary information. The file created in this way is read-in with ROHR2win and the calculations are carried out.


CADISON CAESAR II-Interface: stress calculations in pipelines CADISON® CAESARII -Interface
CAESAR II®-Interface assigns all pipelines designed with CADISON® 3D-Designer to CAESAR II®. One cii file (CAESARII interface file) is generated automatically and contains all required information. The file generated in this way is read into CAESAR II® so that stress calculations can be performed.

CAESAR II - Interface
Key Features Key Benefits
  • Direct and complete data transmission of pipeline systems and components for calculation
  • Freely configurable transmission of attributes from CADISON®
  • Clear transmission of marking for valves, components, pipelines, fittings and fasteners
  • Automatic transmission of fixing points
  • Transmission of data on exact location of weld seams
  • Premature and “concurrent” stress calculation
  • Automatic data transmission without any noteworthy re-work
  • Close integration of interface – No erroneous data input through “manual input”
  • Reduction in analysis time – Low costs
  • Very rapid analysis and calculation for assessment of pipeline system