Plant Engineering Solution

TRICAD Materials Database

  • An integrated database to manage standard parts or manufacturer-specific components, such as fittings, meters, pumps, etc.
  • Freely definable materials lists to link into materials management and procurement systems. Data export and import between RDBMS and TRICAD realised via standardised interfaces.
  • All projects and drawings are managed within TRICAD with an integrated drawings management system.
  • As standard 8 pipe classes incl. 3 steel- und stainless steel pipe classes in pressure stages 10, 16 and 40, one steel/PTFE-lined pipe class and a plastic pipe class as well as over 40 catalogue, are included.


  • Graphics interface: DXF/DWG, IGDS
  • Links to the ISOMET isometrics / pipe procurement system

TRICAD Schema Module

  • Module for creation of piping and instrumentation schemas. Graphical information is linked with the database, and can be placed intelligently.
  • Different lists, such as MSR, fittings and pipe lists can be generated straight from the schema. Symbols libraries are contained in the supplied software.

TRICAD Isometrics

  • Module for creation of piping isometrics. Isometric drawings are generated automatically from the 3D model, or can be created on a very rational basis in 2.5D mode.
  • Dimensioning and positioning is performed automatically using consistent database links.
  • Bills of materials can either be printed on the drawing or output to an ASCII file for further import to a materials management and procurement system. Special functions are integrated for working with PTFE and double-skinned pipes.

TRICAD Navigator

  • The TRICAD Navigator is a 2D viewer that is independent of TRICAD, used to display TRICAD drawings and lists.
  • Documents can be selected easily by clicking on plant plan objects. Options such as image control (zoom, pan, crops, etc.), redlining function, display of material data via a link to the materials database and printing of drawings on printers or plotters are all available.

TRICAD Licence Manager

  • Enables TRICAD modules to be started from any workstations in the network.
  • Checks the selection of concurrently active modules.
  • The licence manager is only needed once in each network.

TRICAD 3D-Piping

The 3D data model provides the basis in the planning process for all further planning documents, and also uses a symbols library that can be extended without limitation and which is linked to the database and the 2D symbols library.

All logical and intelligent information is transferred from the P&I schema into the 3D model.

The system performs bi-directional comparisons (checks between the schema and the 3D model).

This data link, the automatic collision detection, freely definable views and sections and multiple windows all contribute greatly in helping you to avoid planning errors.

The fully networkable sofware system allows a single project to be used simultaneously by several users (“Concurrent Engineering”).

The layout and pipework plans are also created from the 3D model, with the views and sections being freely definable. These plans can, where necessary, be processed further in the 2D module, with all the technological data from the P&I schema and 3D model remaining available.

Both layout plans and isometric drawings can be created without or without the links to the schema, described elsewhere. The plans themselves, on creation, provide documentation on the various project stages.


TRICAD is available for PCs with Microsoft Windows XP Professionell.

The implementation of a professional CAD system represents an investment that has an effect on the future of your company. We want to support you with advice and help, in order to ensure you make the right decision at the beginning, and actually achieve increases in productivity. As an engineering company, using our own software, we are active in the same markets as you. Therefore, we ourselves have a good deal of interest in exploiting existing potential for rationalisation, and continuing to increase our productivity and competitiveness with TRICAD. You can profit from this experience and success!