CADISON Project Engineer - Improve your Conceptual Engineering performance with Integrated Non CAD Solution

Starting on May 16, 2019 3:30 pm

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Improve your Conceptual Engineering performance with Integrated Non CAD Solution

CADISON® Project Engineer - Project Planning, Cost Estimation & Engineering Information Management throughout the Plant Design Life Cycle Project Engineer is a comprehensive solution for Planning Work Structures, Project Costing, Project Set-up & Access Rights, Project Status Reviews and Project Finalization. It is a non-CAD module, which enable project leaders to plan, create and monitor the project data without CAD/Graphical software. It provides ability to create the project work breakdown structure (for different disciplines) in tree format helps in division of a project into smaller, deliverable-oriented components to organize the team's work into manageable sections.


  • Project grouping/structuring with plant areas, drawings and documents in ‘document / folder groups’ in a hierarchical manner (Parent-Child Relationship of objects)
  • Tree Structure with user-friendly interface
  • BOM & Reports generation for various document groups (without going to CAD/Graphical software)
  • Import/Export Data from Excel/csv format.
  • Built-in calculation module for price calculation (assigning list prices, factors, discounts rates, etc.)
  • Generate cost reports and proposals and automatic updates of Costing reports based on changes done at the project/object level
  • Direct access to Cost Information through bi-directional interface with ERP (if desired)
  • Asset Information Management (for maintenance)

Key Features:

  • Project Setup and User access management
  • Built-in Cost Estimator for project costing
  • Built-in ‘Logic Analyzer’ for pre-defined quality checks
  • Effective Project Monitoring with revision, workflow management, task container
  • ‘Mass Update’ feature for efficient change management
  • Integrated Report Generator with customization/configuration capability
  • Define and manage plant objects (Assets) and attributes by defining your own tagging or industry standard tagging convention
  • CADISON CATLOG CONTROL – Updated Catalog data with reference to Old Catalog automatically.
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