Improving Engineering Efficiency of Power Plant Design by 30%

Today’s challenges faced by power plant owners, operators and other stakeholders are increasing with global competition, low cost pressures, tighter construction norms, and reduced time-to-market requirements. Innovation in critical technology, efficiency improvement designs, new materials, etc. is a focus for every power & energy company. However, in order to remain competitive, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) plays a key role over the entire Plant Life Cycle and hence efficient plant engineering, process optimization, concurrent workflows, managing complex data and extracting intelligent information becomes critical.

Increase in complexity of plants, volume & redundancy of engineering data (especially in power plants) demands for a process driven integrated technology which would enhance engineering efficiency across the plant life cycle from planning, through design, engineering, construction and up to maintenance phases.

CADISON with it’s intelligent and integrated solution is slated to bring a paradigm shift to help power plant owners and designers to do its project planning, cost estimation and coordinated design by working on an integrated database of Intelligent Objects. CADISON helps in developing a 3D model with engineering attributes providing intelligence across every phase of design and creating standard BTG & balance of plant (BOP) packages thereby improving reusability, standardization & harmonization of engineering data and lower power plant operating costs.





Case Study


Stress calculation in sensitive pipeline systems


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Plant Computation more Quickly Practicable

LHT Dresden

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Plant Design in 3D Model

Borsig Membrane Technology

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Integrated design and calculation process at Wingas


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