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ITandFactory, on its continuous journey to make CADISON® better than ever, with the new R18 update 1 in April 2019

At ITandFactory, we remain committed and excited about our CADISON mission to create the best tool for Plant Engineering. We are proud to announce the launch of CADISON® R18 update 1 and introduces you to the small but mighty feature that gets added.

We believe that continuous evolution of a product happens in right direction when you listen to your users’ pain areas carefully. We always kept a note on the feedback and demands of our users and this new addition topped that list of demands. Our R&D team was continuously working on CADISON® to achieve this explicit milestone to address our users’ imperative concern.

The noteworthy addition this time is the unique prototype function to import P&ID data from the PDS system. Now our users can import PDS P&ID data (graphical and attribute information) into CADISON® in much easier way with our enhanced easy to use UI.

Key Highlights of This Feature:
  • The import capability will read PDS data from two formats, i.e. The Drawing file in Microstation format. & Data dump file generated from the PDS Oracle Database
  • This import function combines the synchronized data from two sources/formats to create native PDS data as it is in CADISON environment for view and reference
  • Also adds ability to partially update the imported drawing with intelligent CADISON graphic objects as the part of change management or brown field projects
  • Users can avail benefit of extensive and intelligent CADISON report templates to generate the report from imported PDS drawings as well as it will get updated as CADISON drawings seamlessly
  • User can also get benefit of CADISON Tree capabilities as seamlessly as it gets with native CADISON objects
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