Digitally Transform the Plant Engineering Landscape with latest CADISON R22

With every new release, CADISON takes a significant step forward towards technological advancements and enhancing the overall user experience. In our recent release of CADISON R22 we have introduced several new features and updates that focus on digitalization. These innovations aim to streamline the planning process for large-scale plant construction projects while also reducing the risk of errors. Ultimately, our goal is to enhance plant construction efficiency and provide a more efficient and error-free experience for our users.  

Join this webinar and find out what more you can achieve with CADISON R22!

Advancements that we are going to cover in this webinar:

  • Collaboration with external project participants further simplified
  • Enhanced comprehensive change management or MOC with streamlined process for managing changes at a project-level
  • More automated features with further enhancement of Document Management (including change requests, impact assessment reports, and approval records)
  • New pipe class generator in MATPIPE
  • More customization feasible with easy-to-use interface
  • Enhanced Export Features : 3D PDF Export, GLTF Export, CADISON Publish, and more

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Speaker: Technical Product Specialist, ITandFactory GmbH (Subsidiary of Neilsoft Group).

Technical requirements: Any Internet-compatible device (PC, tablet, mobile phone), stable Internet connection.

Target group: All those in the Process Industry who are involved in Plant Design, Process Engineering, Project Planning, Operation & Maintenance.

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